Working Group I – Rule of Law

Considering the importance of the concept of rule of law and reforms that Montenegro needs to undergo in order to come closer to what are the EU standards, but also to position itself as a moder democracy, Working Group I dealt with set of issues recognized as crucial in this are through three Sessions:

Session I

  • TOPIC 1: Analysis of the need to amend the Constitution in the part that regulates the Courts (Chapter 5) and Prosecution (Chapter 8), based on the analysis of the Ministry of Justice and relevant provisions from the Venice Commission opinion.
  • TOPIC 2: Consideration of the proposed solutions on election of the a) President of the Supreme Court and b) Supreme State Prosecutor.

Recommendations and Conclusions – Working group I Session I (pdf)

Session II

  • TOPIC: Consideration of the proposed solutions on election of the a) President of the Supreme Court b) Supreme State Prosecutor c) Judicial Council d) Prosecutorial Council.

Recommendations and Conclusions – Working group I Session II (pdf)

Session III

  • TOPIC 1: Continued Sessions 1 and 2:
    A) Proposals for the reform of the appointment and membership of Judicial and Prosecutorial Council;
    B) Forming concrete proposals on the appointment of presidents of the Supreme Court, Supreme State Prosecutor and other Prosecutors.
  • TOPIC 2: Fight against corruption, situation and perspectives in Montenegro, Expert Rapporteur, Mr Zlatko Vujovic, CEMI.

Recommendations and Conclusions – Working group I Session III (pdf)

National Convention on European Integration of Montenegro – Final Report on Cycle 1 of NCEI of MNE (pdf)

Members of Working Group I

  • Daliborka Uljarević, Executive Director, Centre for Civic Education (CCE)
  • Zlatko Vujović, Head of the Managing Board, Centre for Monitoring (CEMI)
  • Tea Gorjanc Prelević, Executive Director, Human Rights Action (HRA)
  • Ivan Mašulović, Advisor for Defence Integration, Cabinet of Prime Minister of Montenegro
  • Branka Lakočević, Assistant Minister for judiciary, Ministry of Justice
  • Ana Vuletić, Head of Department, Customs Administration
  • Milan Radulović, Administration for Prevention of Money Laundering
  • Željko Nedović, Head of the section in the Department for the prevention of economic crime, Police Administration
  • Jelena Popović, Parliament of Montenegro
  • Marijana Laković, Assistant of the Ombudsman , Ombudsman of Montenegro
  • Aleksandar Mitrović, Head of the Department for legal, financial and general affairs, Chamber of Economy of Montenegro
  • Petar Stojanović, Judge, Supreme Court of Montenegro
  • Stojanka Radović, Assistant of the Supreme State Prosecutor, Supreme State Prosecution of Montenegro
  • Blagoje Grahovac, Civil Society Expert
  • Sandra Krstović, Advisor in Sector for procurement for coordination of, Directorate for procurement
  • Vuk Maraš, Head of Monitoring Program, Network for Affirmation of Non-Governmental Sector – MANS
  • Žarko Rakčević, FORUM 2010
  • Momir Miličković, Chief tax Officer, Tax Administration
  • Aleksa Tatar, Trade Unions of Montenegro
  • Željko Burić, deputy Secretary General, Union of Free Trade Unions of Montenegro (USSCG)
  • Marija Žugić, Advisor for international cooperation, State Audit Institution (DRI)
  • Petar Kankaraš, President, Lawyers’ Union of Montenegro
  • Zdravko N. Begović, President, Bar Association of Montenegro
  • Branislav Radulović, Member of Senate, State Audit Institution (DRI)
  • Iva Šćepanović, Ministry of Economy
  • Aleksandar Saša Zeković, Researcher, Foundation for Funding Roma People