Plenary Conference of National Convention on European Integration of Montenegro (NCEI 2013-2014) was held

On Thursday, 19th March, in the Parliament of Montenegro, in the Plenary hall, e European Movement in Montenegro and the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Montenegro held a conference on the occasion of the presentation of the final results of the project “National Convention on European Integration of Montenegro (2013-2014 NCEI )”.

Participants in the Plenary Conference were high commissioners from Montenegro and the European Union. The conference was opened by Ranko Krivokapic, President of the Parliament of Montenegro and Igor Luksic  Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration and the Chairman of the Presidency of NCEI 2013-2014. Welcome speeches were addressed by Miroslav Lajcak, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic, HE Mitja Drobnic, Head of the European union Delegation to Montenegro, Momcilo Radulovic, President of the European Movement in Montenegro and Alexander Duleba, director of the Research Center of the Slovak Foreign Policy Association.

After the welcome part, the co-chairmen of the working groups  presented results of their workwith the previous 36 sessions. At the Plenary Conference was presented the publication of project results for 2013-2014, which contains the results of the monitoring of the adopted recommendations by the working groups, including all the conclusions and recommendations of the civil and public sector that is involved in the process of European integration of Montenegro.

Press Conference – Sessions 6

Final Press Conference of NCEI 213-2014 was held on 11 March 2015 was held, where 37 recommendations was presented adopted on the sessions held in the period from 25 September 2014 to 12 February 2015.

The sixth and final round of sessions of the Working Groups was on the following topics:

WG I: “Whistleblower Protection, Existing and Planned Mechanisms”

WG II: “Combating Computer (Cyber) Crime”

WG III: ” The Problems of Illegal Fishing and Experience in Implementing of Regulations on IUU Fishing (IUU – Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing)

WG IV: “Improving the Efficiency of Inspection Supervision of the Implementation of Legal Obligations in the Field of Environmental Protection”

WG V: “Fiscal Measures of State Aid”

WG VI: “Distance Trade”

Two-day session of Working group III

Last session of Working group III (Agriculture, food safety, veterinary and phytosanitary policies and fisheries), and last session of NCEI 2013-2014, was held on 11 and 12 February 2015 in the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration on topic “Problems of illegal fishing and experience in implementing of regulations on IUU fishing (IUU – illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing)”. Co-chairs, Ms. Danijela Stolica, Deputy Minister for Agriculture and Rural Development, Negotiator for Chapters 11, 12 and 13 and Ms. Vesna Maras, development director „13. jul Plantaže”, presented working topic and welcomed all the participants. Afterwards, presentation of experts followed, Mr. Deniz Frljuckic, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Develompent and Mr. Jurica Aunedi, higher fisheries inspector in Department Zadar. Mr. Frljuckic presented current state in Montenegro when it comes to illegal fishing, as well as the level of harmonization with Regulation. Mr. Aunedi focused on Croation experience and methods of implementation they used. Result of a two day long work are recommendations that will be sent to all relevant institutions in the future.

Two-day session of Working group II

On 4 and 5 February 2015, two day session of Working group II (Justice, freedom and security) was held on the topic “Fight against computer (cyber) crime”. Namely, session was opened by co-chairs, Mr. Dragan Pejanovic, secretary of Ministry of Interior and Mr. Vladod Dedovic, director of legal department in Center for Monitoring and Research. Afterwards, domestic expert, Mr. Jaksa Backovic, chief inspector for fight against cyber crime in Police Administration, presented state in this field at the moment, as well as possibilities for its improvement in the future. This was followed by the presentation of Mr. Toni Kastelic, head of the Center for computer research in Criminal Police of Slovenia, who focused on their experience and EU accession process.

On the second day, additional expert day was organized, where participants had an opportunity to hear about biggest cases from practice of both Slovenian and wider international importance, and based on these cases, functioning of European and international services in this field was presented.

Two-day session of Working group IV

Session 6 of the Working group IV (Protection of the Environment), last session of this working group, was held on 17 and 18 December 2014 in the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration on topic “Improving the efficiency of inspection supervision of the implementation of legal obligations in the field of environmental protection”. Session was opened by co-chairs, Ms. Ivana Vojinovic,  General Director of the Directorate for Environment and Climate Change in the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, Chief of Working Group for Chapter 27 and Ms. Natasa Kovacevic, Program Coordinator for Environment in NGO Green Home, member of the Working Group for Chapter 27.

For two days, Mr. Ivan Pusic, environmental inspector in Ministry for the protection of the environment and nature of the Republic of Croatia, with long standing experience in the field, spoke about Croatian case. He presented their legal framework, structure of the inspection, as well as examples from practice. Based on his proposals, and with the contribution of all the participants, as well as Ecological Inspection of Montenegro, recommendations that will be sent to all relevatn actors were adopted.


Two-day session of Working group V

Last of the sessions of Working group V (Competition) within NCEI 2013-2014 was held on 21 and 22 November in the building of the Ministry of sustainable development and tourism. The topic of this session was “Fiscal Measures of State Aid” and the first day was focused on fiscal state aid in EU and Slovak experience. Both presentations were held by Mr. Martin Vlachynsky, analyst in Institute of Economic and Social Studies (INESS).

On the second day, Mr. Vlachynsky continued his presentation with the focus on present state and proposals for improving it. In addition to this, president of the Commission for the control of state aid, Mr. Mitar Bajceta, as domestic expert, presented both legal acts and our experience in practice in this field. On the basis of recommendation from both experts, participants adopted draft which will be presented and sent to all relevant institutions.


Press Conference – Sessions 5

Press Conference on presenting recommendations from the fifth round of sessions of NCEI 2013-2014 was held on 19 November.

Co-chairs presented 43 recommendations adopted in the period from 28 July to 22 October 2014 on the following topics:

WG I: “Human Rights: Improving the System of Alternative Sanctions and Measures”

WG II: “Prevention and Repression of Corruption at Border Crossing Points”

WG III: “Improving the Quality of Raw Milk and Achieving European Standards”

WG IV: “Improving the System of Waste Recycling in Montenegro”

WG V: “Violation of the Competition Rules with Harmonized Practices of Market Participants”

WG VI: “General Product Safety”.


Two-day session of Working group VI

On 30 and 31 October, two-day session of Working group VI (Consumer and Health Protection) was held in the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration. This was the last session of this working group within NCEI 2013-2014, and the topic was “Distance Trade”.

On the first day, members had an opportunity to listen to the presentation of Ms. Andrejka Grlic, chief market inspector from Slovenia, who talked about the new Directive of the EU in this field in details, and compared it to Montenegrin law. Ms. Grlic analysed the Directive along with its uncertainties which where explained through cases from Slovenian practice. Her presentation opened many questions and lively productive debate moderated by co-chairs, Ms. Rada Markovic, Administration of Inspection Affairs and Mr. Zvezdan Cadjenovic, Employers’ Union of Montenegro.

The second day of this session started with presentation of Mr. Zeljko Micovic, chief inspector for information society services in the Administration of Inspection Affairs, who presented basic issues that institutions in Montenegro face when it comes to misuses that occur in distance trade. Afterwards, Ms. Andrejka Grlic continued her presentation and talked more about financial aspect of the topic and offered set of recommendations on what concrete changes need to be made when it comes to legislation in Montenegro in this field. The discussion that followed resulted in recommendation adoption.